Hey. How ya doin’? Long time no see.

A lot has happened in the last 2 months- hence by sparse blog posts. Let me elaborate:

I bought a house, moved across the state, started a new job (not only new to me- new to the hospital), and am now wearing a very pretty piece of jewelry on my left ring finger. A whole lotta new, huh?

For my first post in a while I wanted to come back to the basics.

Oatmeal is my tried and true. I eat it almost every day- like 90% of the time-because it is a nutrition powerhouse.

Here are 5 reasons why I am obsessed with oatmeal- and you should be too.


  1. Satiety– Oatmeal is a whole grain which is a great source of dietary fiber which can help you feel fuller longer.
  2. Calorie Friendly– ½ cup uncooked oatmeal contains only 150 calories and still gives you 5g of protein.  Satiety + Calorie Friendly = may help to control weight

  3. Lowered Risk of Heart Disease– Oatmeal contains soluble fiber, which can lower LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff). You know how when you cook oatmeal it becomes sticky? That’s soluble fiber. That stickiness helps to move cholesterol out of your body, too.

  4. Keeps You Regular– On the flip side of soluble fiber, there is insoluble fiber. It does not get sticky, but rather adds bulk. Let’s think about going #2 for a second- then you add bulk, it helps things move along, yes? Things moving along keeps you from getting backed up and keeps your bathroom schedule on track. (You wouldn’t even imagine how often dietitians talk about poop, sorry to make you uncomfortable…expect I am not really sorry)

  5. It’s A Blank Canvas: This is my favorite reason. Oatmeal can really take the flavor of whatever you add to it, making it SO versatile. Add a touch of maple syrup and brown sugar, an egg for a more savory taste, or try simply adding some frozen fruit. The possibilities are endless!

To put in plainly basically oatmeal is like a really great little black dress: a life staple, timeless, and makes you look really great.