Hearts are everywhere in February- and I am talking more than just the tiny neon ones with cutesy sayings like “be mine” or “kiss me”. In addition to February housing Valentine’s day, it’s also heart health month.  Heart health is something that can so easily be taken for granted- and something that can change without you even necessarily knowing. So, why do you need to be concerned about the health of your ticker? In the US, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women– and there are ways to keep your heart healthy to help prevent this.

In honor of Heart Health Month, here are a few ways to keep your heart healthy:

  1. Limit sodium intake- this includes salt from the salt shaker and processed foods (<2,300mg for a healthy adult)
  2. Watch cholesterol intake (<200mg)
  3. Avoid trans fats (they increase the bad cholesterol)
  4. Limit refined carbs (think white bread, sugary beverages, etc.) and add more whole grains (oats, wheat bread, brown rice)
  5. Get your heart pumping- aim to incorporate 30-60minutes of physical activity most days

Want more? Try any one of my favorite oatmeal recipes to increase soluble fiber intake to help reduce bad cholesterol and keep you full (i.e. NOT reaching for that mid-morning snickers bar)Oatmeal Recipe Round Up!