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This weekend I am headed off to Chicago, woohoo! Joseph has a yearly outing for his scholarship there and I am tagging along. We will hit the town, see a few friends, and go to the “Golf Ball” dance. (Clever, right?)  Saying that I need a weekend away is an understatement, so I am pretty excited.

We will get back on Sunday and you all know what that means…Superbowl! I am happy that my long training runs fall on Sundays so that I can watch the game while I am at the gym. Ya know…since I don’t have a TV and all…Oh, the life of a poor college student!!

One of the big highlights of Superbowl parties, aside from the actual game, is of course the food. Chicken wings, tons of guacamole, chips and beer usually are what make the cut. The abundance of unhealthy foods can cause anyone who is watching what they eat to become annoyed. Just because you are enjoying the festivities surrounding the game doesn’t mean you have to eat like a lineman. Here are a few tips and health-ified recipes to ensure you have a blast without gaining a pound or feeling deprived! 


  1. Eat before you go. Having a snack or small meal prior to the party will make you less likely to be famished which can cause you to eat way more than you actually need to.
  2. Stay hydrated. Sometimes we eat for no reason and parties are a huge trap for this! Try grabbing a large glass of water with your food. The water will help fill you up and also give you something to do after you have finished your food. Let’s face it, sometimes situations get awkward and we eat to lessen that (I have sure been there!). Sipping on water is a healthy, calorie-free way to do it!
  3. Fill up your plate with veggies. Let yourself grab a couple wings or some chips and guacamole. Don’t deprive yourself! However, often times we grab way too much food, more than we actually need or want. To keep yourself from over-indulging grab a few of the tasty, not-so healthy treats then head straight for the veggie tray to fill it up the rest of the way. Not having any more room for the indulgences will keep you from consuming too many calories.
  4. Take it easy on the alcohol. Alcohol is notorious for breaking the caloric bank. Keep it from robbing you by limiting yourself to one or two drinks. If you feel like you need to be drinking something, try a glass of water. If that doesn’t do the trick, reach for a diet soda to occupy yourself in between alcoholic beverages.



BBQ Nachos

Sweet Caramelized Onion Dip

Buffalo Wings

Chicken Fingers

Dark Chocolate and Cherry Brownies

Guacamole (15 different varieties!)

Turkey Chili

Or you could go ahead and try re-creating this stadium arrangement… Ready, set, go!