Rule Breaker Success Stories

In order to maintain client confidentiality, names on this page have been changed.

“You just have “the stuff!” Your positivity and passion for what you do and your desire to help others is palpable. Just through watching your instagram posts/stories, I could quickly and easily tell you genuinely care about what you do. I knew I had issues surrounding my relationship with food, but I didn’t really know how to address or identify them before finding you. You create an atmosphere free of shame, guilt, blame…truly just a safe space to freely explore, discuss, and improve issues without fear of judgement. That was invaluable.” – Liz

“You are very easy to talk to and very prompt and organized. I really enjoy the weekly check-in emails and the fact that you are so approachable and welcome all of my questions and even allow me to contact you when I just need to vent about something. You also are a wealth of information and have so many great ideas and resources. Additionally, I like that you celebrate my successes! It is clear that you really love what you do.” – Emily

“It is so freeing to step back from “diet culture” to form my own goals and needs that match MY body and to be able to do that on a day-to-day basis. From honest and in depth journaling, I discovered physiological reasons why my food intake was on a roller coaster. (Hormones and lost hunger cues!) Most importantly, I learned that was not a failure.” – Jodi

“Creating and working towards clear, attainable goals, weekly online check-ins, and communication were all done very well.”
– Rachel

“I’m still healing my relationship with foods, but I am making great strides. This has been the most positive thing I have done for myself and my body in a very very long time. I think the long term effects are going to be tremendous and I will always be thankful for my time working with you.” – Hannah

“By working with you, I’ve drastically improved my relationship with food, exercise, and my body. I ditched the food rules, and can now eat whatever, whenever, and wherever I want!” – Leah

“My life has been changed completely. I don’t look at food with fear any longer. I look at food as an opportunity to gain more confidence in myself and my body. I’ve learned how to eat again! I never been thought I would be able to trust my body again. I thought that I would have to “live” with anorexia for the rest of my life. But working with Colleen has given me the chance to break free from the bonds of my eating disorder and diet culture in general.” – Anna

“I would DEFINITELY recommend you to others. You’re an amazing, inspiring, fearless woman who maintains a selfless and generous attitude in everything you do! You were the support I needed during one of the darkest points in my life. I’ll never be able to sing your praises or thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me.” – Carrie

“I would recommend you to anyone struggling with guilt regarding food, feelings of needing to earn food or balance it with exercise, anyone who thinks an external entity or program knows better than his or her own self how best to nourish the body–you can handle it all! I personally have not struggled with an eating disorder, so that was not part of my experience with you. That said, it’s so powerfully evident how devoted you are to helping others find peace with recovery and discover food freedom that I would 100% recommend you for that area of counseling.” – Amanda

“I would totally recommend you because of your professionalism and how approachable and down to earth you are! I can feel myself healing my relationship with food and I feel like so many others could benefit from your services as well!”
– Claire