Have you guys seen those kids T-shirts that say “I’m just here for the snacks”? I totally need one of those because that’s 100% true for this lady! I’m a huge advocate for healthy snacks throughout the day. Key word here: healthy. When I talk about snacking I don’t mean chomping on Little Debbies between every meal. It’s a confusing topic, I get it. That is why I wanted to share with you today the top 5 most common snacking pitfalls and how to avoid them.

I’m excited to talk about this because I recently took a poll on Instagram about what you guys struggle with the most and an overwhelming amount of you said snacking! Which is perfect because it’s pretty much my favorite topics. So, let’s chat!

Firstly, snacking is not bad. Having something to munch on between meals can help you avoid getting hangry. And we all know what happens when we get hangry and overly famished, right? We go HAM and likely over eat, not the best thing.

Snacking also helps to keep your metabolism revved. Think of your metabolism as a fire. You’ve got to tend to it in order to keep it going strong. That’s what healthy snacks do, they keep your metabolism up. If you don’t tend to that fire it starts to diet down. And if your metabolism starts to loose steam, so does your calorie burn, making it that much easier to pack on extra pounds.

When clients come to me for the first time they’re usually frustrated because they’e been unable to meet their nutrition goals. Most of the time I find that one of the contributing factors of this is their snacking habits. Here are the top 5 most common snacking pitfalls and how to avoid them!

  1. Too small of a snack. In order to reap the benefits of snacking you need to give your body an adequate amount of nutrition. Wonder why you’re still hungry after a measly low-fat string cheese? It’s because that’s not enough! Try pairing it with an apple or whole grain crackers for a more well-rounded snack. The carb and fiber will help to keep you satisfied, avoiding that hanger!
  2. Too much of a good thing. Nutrient dense foods like nut butters and trail mix can be super convenient snack options. However, these snacks are high in calories and fat. When you choose these foods you need to be careful not to overdo it. Stick to a spoonful or handful and pair it with something lower calorie, like a rice cake or air popped popcorn.
  3. Too high in simple carbs. One word you’ll want to remember: FIBER. Fiber is fabulous at helping you stay full and helps to avoid a quick spike in blood sugar after eating. Choose whole grain items in place of refined, or add in some fruits and veggies. You’ll want to avoid having candy, cakes, pastries or cookies, which will spike your blood sugar quickly then leave you feeling drained later on.
  4. No protein. You’ll want to be sure to have a source of protein in your snack, which also helps to keep you satisfied until your next meal. One of my favorite snacks is Greek Yogurt and a little home made granola (This cinnamon date granola is my fave). You can really hit all the macros with this one!
  5. Drinking your calories. Our bodies don’t register liquid calories the same way they do solid food calories. While teas, juice and even soda can fit into a healthy diet, it’s important to limit them. Be sure to choose less sweetened beverages, with water being the best first choice.

Think about these 5 most common snacking pitfalls. Do any of them apply to you? How can you change your snacking habits in order to snack smarter?

Have more snacking questions? Leave a comment and I’ll answer them!

Happy eating,


Wow! Tops 5 most common snacking pitfalls and how to avoid them! Needed for a healthy lifestyle and such easy tips!