In this post I’ll be sharing 3 simple steps to improve body image so you can start living a life you love!

3 steps to improve body image

Let me guess, you don’t exactly love the way your body looks, right? If you did you probably wouldn’t be reading this post right now, obvi. This body dissatisfaction makes you stressed to the max and puts you in a horrible mood basically 24/7. Did I just totally call you out? That’s cause I’ve BEEN you! I hated the way I looked for a solid 6 years and it bled into every area of my life, impacting my relationships, mental health, and overall satisfaction with life. But, by using these 3 simple steps to improve my body image I was able to change all of that! Today, I love and respect my body, which translates to less stress, anxiety, mood swings and a MUCH happier me! And, those around me to be honest!

Step One: Start a body gratitude journal. This may seem super cheesy, but stay with me! What I want you to do is to go to the store, pick out the cutest journal you can find, buy it and deem it your body gratitude journal. Next, I want you to write in it Every. Single. Day. Write things that make you grateful for your body. Things like “My body allows me to live my life”. “My body allows me to carry my child/niece/nephew/fur-child”. “My body allows me to ride bikes in the sunshine”. etc, etc. Try to write something in it every day. Keep the journal by your bedside and make it a part of your morning routine. Doing this will ensure you start your day on a body POSITIVE note.

Step 2. Wear comfy clothes. Well, DUH, right? You’d think, but SO many women- myself included sometimes- wear clothes that don’t friggin’ fit. How bogus! No wonder we don’t like out bodies and fear weight gain- we literally would be even LESS comfortable! Instead, wear clothes you FEEL comfortable in. This little step can do WONDERS!

Step 3. Find movement you love. When you’re constantly dragging yourself into the gym to do workouts that make you want to jump off a cliff, obviously you’re going to resent your body. You’ll think that the problem is YOU. That if you just work harder it’ll get easier, your body just needs to “toughen up”. But, did you ever think the problem is the workout? Instead, give yourself the freedom to try something new. Experiment a little. I’ll bet that you find a workout that makes you WANT to move your body. And when you find this style of made-for-you exercise you’ll start to APPRECIATE your body VS resent it. Circling back, it makes sticking to step #1 easier! Plus, you’ll be more likely to stick to an exercise regimen you love consistently, which means consistent feel good endorphins, which mean #positivevibes, which means see ya later body negativity!

Now, doing these 3 simple steps to improve body image won’t make you go from body hatred to body loving overnight. If only it were that easy! It takes time and conscious energy to truly work towards changing the way you see and feel about your body for the better. It’s tough at first, I totally get that. So, what I tell all of my clients when it comes to changing the way they view their body is fake it till you make it. Seriously! By doing this, over time, you’ll start to change your negative thoughts into positive ones and help you start oozing body love!

So, what do you think? Do you think these 3 simple steps to improve body image are doable? Give them a go and then let me know what happens by leaving a comment! What step was the hardest? Which step was the most impactful? Lets start some body image discussion with some #positivevibes!

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3 steps to improve body image

Happy eating!



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