Why binge eating happens can be a super confusing question. You feel like you’re doing so “good” then WHAM, a binge. This post will help you to understand the 2 types of binge eating and how to overcome them both!


Why Binge Eating Happens #1

why binge eating happens

Biological Binge Eating

One reason why binge eating happens is because you’re restricting food. Your body is giving you this SUPER strong urge to eat food…because… it needs it. When you restrict food, diet, have strict food rules, etc. your body literally thinks it’s being starved. So, it wants to eat as much food as it can, when it can. And in order to do that it will make you craaaave food. It will give you obsessive thoughts over it. And when it gets to to give it some food, it will give you strong urges to eat a LOT.

Now, this is actually GOOD. Why? Our bodies are trying to keep us alive. They don’t know that there is a McDonalds on every corner, it thinks it is in the middle of the Sahara Dessert with no food in sight. So, like I said, it’s try to keep you alive by taking in extra energy to store up for later when the food drought continues.

Biological Binge Eating Solution

Ya gotta FEED IT! I know, easier said than done. Some things to do are to give your body consistent, adequate energy throughout the day. That meals no skipping meals. No limiting calories, or carbs, or fat, or what the heck ever new thing it on the fad diet carousel this week.

To learn more about how to overcome restrictive eating you can download my free e-book, which walks you through how I overcome it myself. My proven framework has worked for me and SO many women that I’ve worked with as clients. Snag your free e-book here! (Yes I said free. No there is no catch.)

Reason #2

Emotional Binge Eating

Did you just cringe and say “Yup. That’s me.”? Totally fine, girlfriend, you’re not alone. SO many women struggle with emotional eating. Especially as women we are taught by society to portray this image of perfection. That we have to do it ALL and make it look effortless. Guess what? That is STRESSFUL! And impossible. So, rather than show we have these less than perfect emotions of stress, anxiety, confusion etc. we turn to food rather than dealing with our emotions.

Emotional Eating Solution

Emotional eating is tough to overcome, it becomes SO habitual. Bottom line with emotional eating, ya gotta learn how to HANDLE your emotions. This is tough. You can find the #1 emotional eating exercise I use with my clients to overcome emotional eating for good in my e-book, too. Have you gotten your copy? If not, snag it here. What are you waiting for?!

That’s it girlfriend. When you boil it down those are the 2 main reasons why binge eating happens. No fluff. Just the real, raw reasons. Now. The real question. Will you do something about it? Or will you just chalk it up to a lack of “will power” which, isn’t the reason. Its biological or emotional. Take action and be free of binge eating for good!

Leave a comment with what type you’re struggling with. Then let me know what you’re going to DO about it! Will you add more snacks? Handle stress differently? Let me know so I can support you!

why binge eating happens



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