You’re sitting there scrolling through Instagram when you suddenly feel a twinge in your lower back. And you realize… it’s THAT time of the month. Suddenly you get super stressed because you have no idea what to eat during periods & PMS. Do you honor those chocolate cravings? Avoid greasy food? Gaah it can be so confusing! But it won’t be after we dive on into this topic and chat about a few things to keep in mind when making your food choices on your period, which will make that time of the month WAY easier!

what to eat during periods and PMS

How To Know What To Eat On Your Period

#1. Honor Your Cravings

First thing is first, girlfriend, if you are craaaaving a food… EAT IT! When we ignore our cravings our bodies will want to eat it even MORE. And when we finally bite into that big, juicy burger or that creamy chocolate bar our bodies will say “OMG, she is letting me have this! I better have as much as I can before it’s not allowed again!” Instead, grab some chocolate. Eat it mindfully. Allow yourself to enjoy it. And move on!

#2. Listen To Hunger And Fullness

When you’re deciding what to eat during periods & PMS it’s key to listen to your hunger and fullness. Eating some chocolate? Evaluate where you’re at on the hunger scale before going back for more. Are you actually satisfied? Would it feel better to wait to have more until your tummy has some more room? Remind yourself you can eat XYZ whenever you want, no need to stock up on it now!

Need a copy of the hunger scale? You can find the one I use in my free e-book, the Ultimate 5 Step Guide To Food Freedom!

#3. Be Aware Of Emotional Eating

Try not to eat your feelings, girlfriend. I know emotional eating is tempting to do “I feel so crummy just let me have ice cream to feel better!” but how will that solve anything? Instead, ask yourself “What do I need right now?” Are you in need of comfort? Stress or anxiety relief? What could you do to work through that need without turning to food. Decide on something, put it in action, and then re-evaluate if you’re still wanting the food. If so, eat it and do so mindfully! Remember, we don’t want to restrict!

There you go, now you know! HA! I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it! Now you know what to eat during period & PMS. Never say “How do you know what to eat on your period?!” again!

Leave a comment with the food you usually CRAVE on your period. For me it’s 180% all things CHOCOLATE! And you BET I enjoy them guilt-free!!



what to eat on your period

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