This idea of intuitive eating is plastered ALL over social media. And it’s intriguing, right? Eat all of the foods that you want without feeling guilty. Sounds awesome, which it totally is! But it’s not as easy as it seems to implement. So, I am going to share with you my top 10 intuitive eating tips to actually help you succeed!

So many women (my past self included!) try to learn how to eat intuitively simply by opening the food gates and eating ALL of the things. But there is so much more to it! I’ve totally been in your shoes and can relate. You’ve given intuitive eating a-go, but can’t seem to “get it”. These key 10 intuitive eating tips will help you learn how to FINALLY learn how to master intuitive eating!

Top 10 Intuitive Eating Tips

10 intuitive eating tips

Tip #1 Of The Intuitive Eating Tips 

You don’t have to eat ALL of the things

Rather than saying “I am going to start eating ALL of the foods I’ve restricted for so long try adding in one at a time. This is a KEY part of the No Food Rules 3-pillar approach to intuitive eating that I’ve created. It allows my clients to make sustainable change- not just this temporary permission to eat all of the things, then freaking out a week later because- well, that can seem terrifying after the fact.

To learn more about the proven No Food Rules approach to intuitive eating I’ve created a totally free 5-step guide for you that you can snag here. It’ll act as your total roadmap to implementing intuitive eating- and have it actually WORK!

Tip #2

Use the hunger scale

Focus on actually knowing when your body wants food and when it’s telling you “I’m done!”. This will allow you to eat any and all foods you want, yet walk away from the table feeling like you’re NOT going to fall into a food coma or need to unbutton your pants on the ride home. You can find my hunger scale here!

Tip #3

Do a social media detox

Take a second and do this right now, girlfriend. Scroll through Insta (or whatever platform you love) and either mute or unfollow ANYONE who makes you feel inferior, self conscious, or gives you major comparison-itis. Create yourself a positive space to do this work- no negative vibes welcome!

Tip #4

Work on body image, too

This is keeeeeey. If you want to have a healthy relationship with food you have to have a healthy relationship with what you put that food into, right?! You can learn my top 3 tips to improving body image here.

Tip #5

Use mantras & affirmations

Now, everyone uses these different, but this is how I define and use mantras in my life and with clients. Mantras are words or short phrases that serve to center you. One of my clients says “hakuna matata” to help re-center herself when she is feeling anxious, stressed, etc. For affirmations, you could say “I am going to trust my body to tell me what it needs and I’ll listen”. See how that’s a longer phrase of what you’ll do? Both of these can be used and REALLY help with confidence and intuitive eating.

Tip #6

Visualize every night

Each night before you go to bed visualize a day of intuitive eating. This will help your brain to focus on this desired outcome as you sleep and help to cement it. It sounds silly but it WORKS!

Tip #7


Can’t say this one enough, girlfriends! JOURNAL! Get those crazy thoughts OUT of your head and onto paper. I bet you’ll look at them and be like “woa, that’s not even true.” And that’s the point! Half the stuff we think is just made up scenarios! Don’t let that stuff float around in your little noggin!

Tip #8

Have a great support system

It’s so important to have a few people to be able to talk to about intuitive eating. It’s tough to implement, you’ll have questions, and ya might feel a little stressed out about doing it “right”. Have someone to chat about this with- bonus points if it’s someone who has gone through it!

Tip #9

Have a plan

So I know this one sounds counter intuitive but hear me out. Don’t just wake up every day and say “I’ll eat whatever comes along that sounds good!” That won’t work. Because what happens when you get stuck in a 4 hour long meeting, have no lunch ready after when you’re HANGRY, so you head to the nearest drive through and order enough to feed an army. My guess is you wouldn’t feel fab. You might freak out. And want to stop the process. Instead, have a plan. Have a lunch you know you’ll enjoy packed. You can find my total how-to lunch packing post here. Have dinners planned to reduce stress. Not every decision is on a whim- that’s not real life!

Tip #10

Ask for help

Last but totally not least, don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. Seriously. This stuff is tough and shouldn’t take you a million years or make you feel like poop during the process. That’s right you do NOT need to eat a box of cookies at every meal to learn how to eat intuitively. Well, not with my 3-pillar approach. If you’re ready to take action on this step (And, yes, I know how hard that is to admit!) you can learn more about working together here.

10 intuitive eating tips

Alright, girlfriend. Whew! That was a doozy but I hope you’ll find it super helpful. Those really are the top 10 intuitive eating tips to help you succeed. Cause bottom line I want you to find this freedom FAST. And that’s what my approach allows you to do. Life is too short to waste, right? Trust me, I would know. I wasted way too much of it.

Leave a comment with which tip you’ll put into play first! I want to cheer you on!



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