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It’s safe to say that most, if not all of us, have uttered those three little words: “I’m feeling fat.” And in that instant our self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem falls to the ground… likely along with those skinny jeans we were planning to wear. Can you relate? Then this post if for you, a step-by-step guide of what to do when you’re “feeling fat”

stop feeling fat

Step #1: Stop Saying “Feeling Fat”

The first thing you need to do when feeling less than fab about your body and the way that it looks is to stop saying “fat”. Fat is a thing, not an emotion. Our bodies HAVE fat. And, honestly? That’s good. That fat protects our organs, it’s an energy source. I once had a mentor tell me that having fat on my body was going to be what would save me if I got hit by a car. Truth talk right there.

Step #2: Create Some Positive Self-Talk

I know this can seem like the LAST thing on earth that you want to do in the moment, but it needs to be done. Pretend you’re your best friend, and give her a pep talk. Self-talk, or that extremely dramatic convo you’re having with yourself inside your head, is either going to have a positive for negative effect.

Our thoughts lead to emotions, which lead to actions. If you say “I’m feeling fat” that’s probably going to cause you to feel stressed, anxious and blue, and likely lead you to acting mopey and depressed. Right?! BUT, if you use a positive affirmation or quote, trying to bring in some positive self-talk, you’re more likely to feel some gratitude and be less of a cranky pants McGee all day long.

Even if you don’t believe what you’re saying at first, DO IT. Over time, you will. You’re in essence creating a new internal convo for your brain. It’s like rehearsing for a play. At first, the lines feel forced. But, over time, they become second nature and you embody them. Keep going. Keeping saying it. Keep practicing. I have a list of intuitive eating affirmations that might help you get started, if you’re like “Colleen, I have NO idea what to say!”. I gotchu.

stop feeling fat

Step #3: Change The Direction Of Your Energy

Now that you’ve stopped saying “I’m feeling fat” and are doing some positive self-talk, let’s pick you up out of your poopy mood. You can not let this bleed into your day. Trust me, I know how it goes. I’d wake up and not feel great about my body, and then for the rest of the day I’d be so short with my then-boyfriend-now-husband, Joe. It caused extra stress and tension which is totes NOT something you need at that moment.

So, pick ONE thing to do that will bring you joy. Usually, the first thing for me is becoming PHYSICALLY comfortable. That means pulling on my fave, paint stained purple sweat pants and sherpa pullover. Then, I might decide to go hug my dog, read a book, putting some essential oils in my diffuser to make the house smell amaze, painting my nails, or work on my latest DIY project (I love the feeling on making something!). Just pick ONE thing to give you a mood boost. Doesn’t have to be huge, just something to get some positive vibes going and a smile.

Here is a list of 170 fun activities to help improve your mood if you need some ideas. You’re bound to find at least ONE that will work for you!

Step #4: Repeat.

Now, I know these sound like SUCH simple steps, but they’ve got big impact. I firmly believe that our thoughts and self-talk are what dictates how we feel much of the time. And? Half the time thats a crazy, total not true, made up story we’re telling ourselves!

This is what I teach the girlfriends inside my membership, The SociEATy. I don’t only teach them how to cope with negative copy image, I teach them how to STOP negative body image. Not to say you’ll never have poor body image again, goodness knows I sure do! However, when you really focus on your self-talk those episodes of lowness and feeling blue are going to greatly reduce. And, I mean, who doesn’t want THAT?!

Same thing goes for food and breaking your food rules. If you’re constantly saying “This food is bad” of COURSE you’re going to try avoiding it! But, if you say “Actually, ice cream is not a bad food and I can enjoy an amount that makes me feel satisfied” you’re much more likely to enjoy that ice cream date without guilt. A win for you AND the one you’re going with!

stop feeling fat

Be sure to snag my free e-book, The Ultimate 5 Step Guide To Food Freedom, if you’re needing a little more guidance when it comes to breaking food rules & improving body image!

You got this!

Happy food rule breaking,



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