You are your thoughts. You’ve heard it before and it’s true! I use affirmations in my own life and use them with my clients to help them achieve a life of no food rules and intuitive eating FAST. So, today I am going to share with you my top intuitive eating affirmations.

intuitive eating affirmations

Top Intuitive Eating Affirmations

  1. I will treat my body with respect and nourish it with what it asks for.
  2. I will show my body that it can trust me by not restricting food.
  3. I will see all food equally, no food is good or bad.
  4. Intuitive eating is a journey, and I am learning as I go. It’s okay to not be perfect.
  5. I am more than the food I eat.
  6. The foods I choose to eat do not impact my self worth.
  7. I choose to see today in a positive light, it’s a new day for me to learn.
  8. What I ate yesterday does not dictate what I eat today.
  9. I deserve to nourish my body.
  10. I forgive my past self for dieting and I choose to be free moving forward.
  11. Growth comes from outside our comfort zones.
  12. In order to get comfortable with food again I must first get a little uncomfortable.
  13. No matter what my body looks like I will still be ME.
  14. I give my body permission to change.
  15. I can eat any and all foods whenever I want. There is no need to binge.
  16. I feel amazing when I am nourished, I deserve to feel this way.
  17. I choose to see the positive, not the negative.
  18. I respect my body for all it does for me, I choose to treat it that way as well.
  19. I’m okay with being imperfect, there is no such thing as perfection.
  20. It’s okay to not know what my body needs right now, I am figuring it out.

Man, I could go ON and ON! But I won’t! Now, how do you use these, you ask? Say them. Write them. Think them. Pick one of these intuitive eating affirmations that really resonates with you and allow it to be your affirmation of the day or the week. Work it into your day. Allow yourself to see it, feel it and experience it! You can find more about how you can incorporate these in my free e-book where I walk you through my total food freedom framework. Snag your copy here!

Our thoughts lead to emotions that lead to actions. We must first change those thoughts to end up with a positive action! These intuitive eating affirmations will help you do just that!

intuitive eating affirmations

You got this, girlfriend.



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