So, you’re starting to live with No Food Rules, ditch diet culture, and it’s FAB… except for one thing that’s driving you BONKERS. Hunger. It’s non-stop! Well, I’ve got the answer. In this post I’m going to explain why you’re hungry ALL the time.

Well, girlfriend, let me first say this feeling of being hungry all the time is normal. And, to be honest, having to ask yourself why you’re hungry all the time is GOOD. So, let’s give into the answer of why you’re hungry all the time, shall we?

Why you're hungry all the time

You’re hungry all the time because you’re regaining trust with your body.

When you start living a life of No Food Rules you’re regaining trust with your body. Before, with all of your food rules in place, your body actually thought food was scarce. Either food overall (under eating) or certain types of foods (restricting “bad” foods-even if you just MENTALLY put this label on food, your body still sees those foods as scarce, “off-limits”)

You’re hungry all the time because you were under eating.

Let’s dig into the under eating part. When you start living with No Food Rules and allow your body to actually EAT, sometimes it needs to play catch-up. It may need to re-nourish itself and with that comes and increased appetite and the question of “Why am I hungry ALL the time?!” It’s important to LET your body nourish itself and honor that hunger.

You’re hungry all the time because you were labeling food as “bad”.

Now, let’s chat about the second part- seeing foods as BAD. With No Food Rules you’re saying “Hey, body? These “bad” foods aren’t restricted anymore. You can eat the cookies! Enjoy the peanut butter!” And that’s GREAT! But… just because you say that to your body doesn’t mean it will believe you. It needs you to SHOW it. So, yes, you may be drawn to what seems like ALL of the foods you’ve previously restricted: cookies, peanut butter, bread, etc. etc. Whatever it may be!

While this can seem frustrating as heck to a culture of women who have been told that eating “clean” is the ONLY way to eat, it’s important to let yourself eat these previously deemed “bad” things. You need to prove to your body that it can have these foods. And, as you do that? The cravings will no longer be the strong “pulls” towards the foods that they are initially.

So, what should you DO when you find yourself asking “Why am I hungry ALL the time?!” when starting to live with No Food Rules? Eat, girlfriend, you should EAT. Now, I’m not telling you to hunker down in bed with 3 pints of Ben & Jerry’s and watch every Jennifer Aniston movie ever made. No, don’t do that. What I’m saying is to eat the ice cream you are craving and do it mindfully. ENJOY the experience. Need a little more direction with how to do that? I’m sharing loads of tips in my Ultimate 5 Step Guide To Food Freedom. Which you can snag HERE fo’ free!

Why you're hungry ALL the time

So, if you’ve been asking yourself “Why am I hungry ALL the time?!” know that this is very normal and an important process to living with No Food Rules. Also know that you won’t be asking yourself that question forever. When you regain that trust with your body it starts to believe food isn’t scarce, it can eat whatever food it wants, so it can slow it’s roll with the hunger. But first you gotta SHOW it.

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