Do you get anxious around food- especially anything out of your normal routine? I used to, too. But, I’ve learned how to overcome that and actually ENJOY food again. How? By using these 3 ways to reduce anxiety around food.

Way #1 To Reduce Anxiety Around Food


Journaling is one SUPER simple activity that I, and my clients, just can’t get enough of. No special equipment, it can be done anywhere and it’s so impactful. What you do is write out all of your thoughts and anxieties about food. The key is to get them OUT of your head and on to paper (or a napkin, or sticky note, or toilet paper for all I care!) Then, observe the thoughts and assess. Are these true? Are they bogus and made up? (Hint: it’s probably the later.) Then, reframe them. How can you change these thoughts to what you WANT them to be. Thoughts that would help you to reduce anxiety around food?

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reduce anxiety around food

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Way #2


Essential oils have become my BFF. And, now I recommend them to basically everyone I know. When I’m stressed I dab some lavender on to my temples. Need and energy boost? Orange goes on my inner wrists! I find that the scent help to bring my into reality and gets me out of the thoughts I have floating around in my head. This works really great to reduce anxiety around food! Simple dab some of your fave oils onto your pulse points, like before a big dinner or date night, and allow the scent to bring you back to reality and you’ll avoid focusing on this thoughts all swirling in your head.

Here are the oils I got my mom for Mother’s day this year. They’re super affordable (hello $10!) and you get a lot of different scents!

Way #3


I LOVE visualization. To be honest, I thought it was totally woo-woo full. Like fairies and pixie dust…. Until I tried it out. And, it was amazing. Again, SUCH a simple exercise! What you do, any time you’re having anxiety around food, say you’re going to a birthday party and know there will be cake and ice cream there. What you do, before you go, is to visualize how you WANT the party to play out. Make a mental movie. Make it full of emotion, how will you feel? Try to get as much feeling in there as possible. Then, play that mental movie any time you feel like you need to reduce anxiety around food.

So, there you have it, girlfriends! 3 SUPER simple ways to reduce anxiety around food. Use 1, 2, or all 3 of these the next time your nerves are running a wee-bit high about birthday cake, date night, or even when you’re challenging yourself to a nice round scoop of REAL peanut butter (not that powdered stuff! which is totes NOT the same.)

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reduce anxiety around food

Leave a comment letting me know which of these ways is your FAVE way to reduce anxiety around food!

Happy eating, girlfriends!