Are you stick of logging everything you eat into My Fitness Pal? Three years ago I felt the same way and made the decision that I was DONE being controlled by food and that it was time to stop counting calories. Let me tell you, life is GOOD when you’re not constantly being a human calorie calculator. Today I am going to share with you 3 reasons to stop counting calories.

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top 3 reasons to stop counting calories

Reason #1


Calorie counting seems like it’s so easy and effortless when you’re just taking a few minutes to log your food into an app, but, guess what? Those minutes ADD UP! And before you know it those 5 minutes after each meal turns into 15 minutes a day and that turns into almost 2 hours a week! That’s almost a full episode of the Bachelor, a mani-pedi outting or a FAB trip through Target mindlessly shopping for things you obvi need. So, what would you rather do?

Reason #2

Mental Space

The second of the 3 reasons to stop counting calories is that you’re going to gain SO much mental space. Calorie counting is like one giant game of mental gymnastics. Your mind is constantly adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying numbers. Think of all of the things you could do with that mental space and energy when you STOP using it to count calories! You could learn to knit, read more books, or even actually pay attention to the conversations you’re having.

Reason #3


When you’re preoccupied with counting calories ALL joy is taken out of food. You view it as number, not the fabulous experience it deserves to be! I mean, when is that last time you took a bite of a cupcake and REALLY enjoyed the taste, texture, smell- everything! Or bit into a fresh strawberry and REALLY tasted it?! The third of the 3 reasons to stop counting calories you start being able to ENJOY food again!

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Leave a comment with what of the 3 reasons to stop counting calories is you favorite!!



3 reasons to stop counting calories

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