I’ve always been a believer in brown-bagging it when it comes to lunch. Not only is it easier to make food choices that allow you to feel your best this way, but it’s SO much more affordable. Like, SO much more. Today, I wanted to share with you all how to pack a healthy lunch that will fuel your body, satisfy your taste buds and also taste delish!

how to pack a healthy lunch

Each day I make sure my lunch has each of the following:

How To Pack A Healthy Lunch


Protein is KEY to feeling satisfied for a long time. And, I don’t know about you, but I do not have time to be feeling hungry again an hour after lunch. Make sure your lunch has some sort of substantial protein like chicken, tofu, greek yogurt, deli meat, eggs, etc. Now, I say substantial because things like quinoa and peanut butter do have some protein, but the amount in them likely won’t keep you as satisfied as something with more. So be sure you have another source to pair those with. Usually I like my lunch to have roughly 20g protein, but that’s just a guide. I never stick to a set rule, obvi, but I know that that amount allows me to feel fab.


Cabs = ENERGY! Do not skip carbs at lunch. I repeat, DO NOT SKIP CARBS! Seriously. If you’re wondering why you’re inching closer to the candy jar after lunch ask yourself “did I have carbs at lunch?” It wouldn’t surprise me if you said no. So, what do I mean by carb? I’m talking bread, rice, sweet potato, quinoa (I actually consider this more of a carb type thing than protein!), granola, etc. Carbs are your body’s preferred energy course, so, again, don’t skimp!

Fruit or veggie

Whenever I tell someone how to pack a healthy lunch I always make sure it’s got either fruit or veggie in there. Your body will love the nutrients, it will add some volume to help your tummy feel full, and they’re delish. You might be thinking, Colleen, can’t the fruit or veggie count as a carb? In my book, no. They don’t have enough of the carbs your body needs. Keep those categories separate.

Those 3 components are my way of how to pack a healthy lunch. Now, I do also make sure to throw some fat and “fun” food into the mix. What I mean by that is I’ll have some salad dressing with fat in it, some spread on the wrap or sammie, nut butter to dip apple slices in, avocado, etc. The fat helps you to feel full and satisfied, too. I also almost ALWAYS have a treat after lunch. Lunch dessert is a real thing, guys. I love a little hunk of dark chocolate, cup of hot cocoa or tea if it’s chilly out, or some sort of candy.

If you’re looking for more meal planning tips you can get my full meal planning guide here. It will walk you through how to put together breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in a way that will satisfy body, mind, and taste buds! I also include my hunger  scale in it, which will help you take those meals and eat in a way that allows you to feel FAB, not overly stuffed or even still hungry after (the wooooorst) Snag that guide here!

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how to pack a healthy lunch

Leave your favorite lunch ideas in the comments. Share ideas with each other and you’ll never have to say “What’s for lunch?!” again!

Happy eating, girlfriends!



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