Eating out is something that I used to absolutely hate — until I started to implement these 5 tips to enjoy eating out again.

5 tips to enjoy eating out again

When I was in the thralls of my disordered eating/weight obsession days my anxiety would go through the roof if I didn’t know exactly how many calories I was eating or exactly what the ingredients were, which made eating out pretty much impossible to enjoy. It was torturous, actually.

These days though, that’s not the case. And thank GOODNESS. Yes, food is nourishment, but lets not forget that it serves so many more purposes beyond basic survival like cultural expression, bonding, the economy, and – the best in my opinion – enjoyment! The food scene is so hot right now and I swear a new unique and trendy restaurant pops up daily. I’m so happy that I’ve re-learned enjoying the act of eating out without becoming a hot mess of anxiety. Plus, date nights out are way more fun now!

Colleen and Joe Night Out

Joe and I have been trying to do one new thing each month for 2018- so far it’s been a success! June’s new thing was trying a local restaurant that cooks from scratch using fresh, local and organic ingredients. By practicing a few intuitive eating principles I was able to order what I wanted, eat enough to fill me, stop when satisfied, and leave the restaurant 100% happy!

Colleen dining out

5 Tip To Enjoy Eating Out Again

1. Order what you want

Don’t order a salad because you think that is a “better” option. If you ignore your desires you’ll end the meal dissatisfied. This may very well cause you to go home and finish off the last of the cookie jar or ice cream carton- leaving you feeling worse than if you would have just ordered the burger that you were craving in the first place.

2. Pay attention to your food

Eating out is social, so be sure to engage with those you are with, but also be sure to actually TASTE your food. It’s easy to mindlessly gobble down a plate of fries while chatting, only to realize you don’t know if you actually enjoyed the taste because you were too busy gabbing.

3. Check in with your hunger

Along the same lines as taste, be sure you are checking in with your hunger level. As you eat your dish notice the signals your body is sending you and pay attention to them. Are you starting to feel satisfied? Are you already feeling full? If so, take note. Put down your fork, acknowledge your satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) and honor that. Your body will tell you if it needs a couple more bites or if it’s time for a doggie bag – but only if we listen.

4. Move on

Did you forget to do any of the above? Maybe you ate your dish so fast you hardly remember the actual taste or ordered dessert despite being stuffed from your main dish. Guess what- no biggie! One meal does not determine the state of your health! Remember that, so don’t sweat it.

5. Relish the experience

Eating out is an experience. From the people you are with, to the décor of the dining area, the entire event is something to take in. Take a second to acknowledge these things and be grateful that you are able to take part in the experience!

intuitive eating at a restaurant

There you have it, my 5 tips to ENJOY eating out again! Want more actionable, realistic strategies to reduce stress and anxiety around food? Snag my totally FREE e-book where I’m spilling my entire road map to living a No Food Rules lifestyle so that you can ENJOY fueling your body again, free of guilt stress or anxiety. You can snag your copy here!

Leave a comment with what restaurant (or type of restaurant!) YOU can’t wait to try next when using these 5 tips!



intuitive eating at a restaurant

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