Let me guess, you’re SO over having food rules and are ready to find the food freedom you desperately crave… but there is just one problem. You’re TERRIFIED of gaining weight! Girlfriend, I feel ya. 4 years ago I felt the same way and, honestly, it DOES hold you back from living with no food rules. So, today I am going to tell you how to overcome your fear of gaining weight so you can confidently start working towards that food freedom!

Overcome your fear of gaining weight

Why do you have a fear of weight gain?

The first thing you must do to overcome your fear of gaining weight is to ask yourself WHY. Why do you fear weight gain? Typically, when we have this fear of it is because we tie our weight to something. We may feel that our weight determines our:

  • success
  • attractiveness/beauty
  • happiness
  • likeability
  • worthiness
  • etc.

In order to truly stop fearing weight gain, you have to understand WHY you fear it. Then, you need to ask yourself “Is this true?” For instance, if you found that you tie your fear of gaining weight to your happiness, is it TRUE, is it FACT that is you gain weight you will be less happy? Or is that what you perceive? Does your weight truly determine your happiness? No. You can be happy at any size. Happiness is ALL mindset! Or, if you feel your weight determines your success, ask yourself again, is this true? No. There are amazingly successful people of ALL shapes and sizes!

Next, ask why again

Once you identify the first why, the reason you’re scared of gaining weight. Ask yourself why you feel those two are connected. Start to get to the root cause of it. It might be because of something you heard someone say, the things you usually see on TV, or maybe you totally just made it up! Find out the reason that you tie these two things together. This is the first step in separating them.

Overcome the fear of gaining weight

Now it’s time to re-wire your brain in order to separate weight gain from whatever you’re correlating it to. This sounds like a big step, but it’s actually pretty easy. Your brain has been told weight gain = less chance of success/happiness/having a relationship/etc. After doing this for so long it’s habitual for it to tie these two things together. So, we must break the habit. Personally, I am a fan of mantras and affirmation. You can find a list of my top 10 intuitive eating affirmations here, which you can adapt to fit your specific situation. This will start your brain from disassociating weight gain to your success/happiness/having a relationship/etc.

Here is an example. Say you think your happiness is determined by keeping a lower weight. You can use the affirmation “My weight does not determine my happiness, my thoughts do.” Or, “Happiness is not determined by my weight, I can be happy at any size.”

Once you have you mantra or affirmation it’s all about repetition, repetition, repetition! It might seem forced to say this mantra/affirmation at first, and that’s okay! It’s a new concept for your brain. However, after hearing it enough your brain will believe it and say “Ooooh, so THIS is how we’re thinking now, huh? Okay, cool!” But, in order to get there you have to repeat!

Those 3 steps will be how you can TRULY overcome your fear of gaining weight, girlfriend. Now, this is TOUGH STUFF. I won’t lie. Which is why I’ve created the No Food Rules group coaching program. This small group coaching format has been proven to help women, just like you, get the support, accountability, and guidance they need in order to stop feeling scared of weight gain and to finally start improving their relationships with food and live the no food rules life they want! Learn more about the no food rules group coaching program here and apply today- space is filling FAST.

overcome your fear of gaining weight

You got this!



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