You asked, I answered! Here is a list of all of my favorite things including links where to get them!

  1. Perfect Summer gel nail kit (under $40) for the best at-home mani-pedis
  2. Essential oils (under $10) to help relax, calm, reduce anxiety, or energize
  3. Pieces Of Me “Strong” Gold Cuff (under $40; use code COLLEEN20 for 20%o off!) they have tons of different symbols. Pick whatever one empowers you!
  4. Aura Glow Teeth Whitening System (under $50) for pearly whites! I’ve always been a big teeth person =]
  5. Weighted Blanket (under $70) for the best nights sleep- or nap- ever! I don’t see the exact one that I have but this is a similar one!

Stay tuned for more of my must haves such as kitchen items, unique food faves and more!



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