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The elephant in the room. So, let’s talk about it, girlfriend, cause I know you’re curious. Is it possible to want weight loss AND intuitive eating at the same time? Some may say no, but my answer is yes. But, it’s not what you think- let me explain.

Weight loss and intuitive eating can happen

It’s normal and completely understandable to want weight loss. Society has told us that weight loss = food. That weight loss = power. So, why WOULDN’T you want it, right? I thought the same thing for 6 years. So, I lost weight. Like, a LOT of weight. I thought it would make me happier, more likeable, and just make life overall BETTER. Spoiler alert? It didn’t. It left me feeling frustrated that I wasn’t getting the outcomes I was convinced by diet culture that I would get with weight loss.

Now, I don’t think weight loss is bad. At all. I think that intentional and excessive weight loss is not going to be the fix-all that we’re conditioned to believe it is, is not sustainable, and usually leads to more unhappiness than anything. I believe that your body has a “happy weight”. Where it can function optimally, maintain effortlessly, and feel AMAZING. I also believe that in order to find this happy weight your body may need to undergo one of three things to get there: Weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance. And NONE of these are bad.

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wanting weight loss and intuitive eating

Look for your happy weight, not weight loss

So, you want weight loss and intuitive eating, right? Well, that just might happen, honestly. But, you can’t have the weight loss be the goal- that won’t work. You need to flip that “I want weight loss” to “I am trusting my body to do what it needs to do to find my happy weight.”

If you’ve been dieting for a long time and are stuck in the restrict binge cycle, continually eating past fullness, yeah, you might be above your happy weight. If you’ve been heavily restricting and under eating you’re probably below your happy weight and weight gain may be the case for you.

Whatever happens to your weight, be it weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance, I can tell you that through the No Food Rules approach to intuitive eating you will FEEL your absolute best- mentally and physically. You will find your happy weight. I’m confident about that!

So many girlfriends tell me “Colleen, I do NOT feel physically good in my body. Like, I’m UNCOMFORTABLE!” Well, if that’s you, like I said, you might be above your happy weight and weight loss and intuitive eating will coincide. But the key is that it happens from the FEELING. Like I said:

Losing weight intentionally does NOT work. Living life with No Food Rules does.

-Colleen Christensen, R.D.

To start your journey with No Food Rules I’ve created a totally PACKED, free e-book for you. It’s the exact, proven framework that I’ve personally used and now use with my clients so that they can find their happy weight through living with No Food Rules. Snag that e-book here!

wanting weight loss and intuitive eating

So, girlfriend, does that answer your question? Does it help you understand more about wanting weight loss AND intuitive eating? I hope so! Leave a comment on this post and let me know your thoughts. I want to hear them!



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