For 6 solid years I couldn’t stop beating myself up for eating something “unhealthy”. I had such strong feelings of food guilt that I would still be thinking about the Reese’s cup I ate DAYS later. Today I am going to tell you how to overcome that guilt and finally stop feeling guilty after eating.

stop feeling guilty after eating

Overcoming Food Guilt

The first step to ending the feelings of guilt and shame after eating is to allow yourself to eat the foods you’re feeling that guilt about. Give yourself permission! A lot of times just the thought that a food is “bad” or “unhealthy” will cause those guilty feelings to seep in.

I know this is tough, so I really recommend working through the foods you’re beating yourself of about eating one by one. Just pick ONE food to start with. Maybe it’s bread, chips, chocolate, etc. I also really recommend that you start with a food you feel will be easier VS one you think will be super tough. This is how I work with my clients in my coaching programs and it allows them to gain motivation, momentum, and minimizes that “Oh my gosh this is SO hard!” feeling that only makes you want to go back to your comfort zone of your food rules.

If you want to learn more about my unique, No Food Rules approach to food freedom you can download my free e-book, The Ultimate 5 Step Guide To Food Freedom, which will walk you through the exact steps I took to overcome disordered eating and now use with my clients to help them find total freedom too!

Stop Feeling Guilty After Eating

Okay, now you’ve allowed yourself to eat the food but what do you do AFTER? I mean, that’s really when it “hits you”, huh? The guilt, panic, and anxiety? Here are a few things I recommend for dealing with the guilt aftermath:

Use Food Mantras And Affirmations

Find a food mantra or affirmation that will be your go-to for when feelings of guilt set in. You want to re-direct your thoughts away from those negative feelings of guilt and guide them to a more positive thought. This may feel forced at first and that’s okay, it is! Thinking positive things about food you’ve feared is SO foreign. But it gets easier with time. And, the more you do this, the more your brain will say “Ooooh, do I DON’T need to feel guilty?! Cool, I’ll just start thinking these things she keeps telling me to.” BOOM. You’re literally re-wiring your brain AWAY from guilt. I have a list of my top 10 intuitive eating affirmations that you get get some inspo from or take a look at my Pinterest account for loads more!

stop feeling guilty after eating

Occupy Your Mind Elsewhere

Once you’re done eating a food that usually makes you feel guilty find something else to do to occupy your time and mind. For instance, if you ate a cookie and know it’ll make you feel anxiety have something planned to do like calling a friend, writing in your journal, doodling in an adult coloring book (here is a good adult coloring book for under $7!) flipping through a magazine, watching your fave Netflix episode, etc. I mean the possibilities are endless, girlfriend! Bottom line, fill your time so there is less energy available to stew on the guilt. Over time, just like with the food mantras and affirmations, your brain will learn there are better things to use it’s energy for after eating besides guilt and it will start to do that automatically.

Still Feeling Food Guilt? Talk It Out

If you’ve done everything mentioned above and you’re STILL feeling guilty I highly recommend talking it out. Have someone that you can work through this with VS letting the guilt stew in your brain. Get those thoughts OUT of your head, girlfriend! For instance, the women in my group coaching program have a private Facebook group that they can turn to in times like this. A place where they can get their thoughts out of their head and get support and guidance from other women who understand, like myself and the other ladies in the program. Sometimes just knowing that you’re not alone can be SO helpful and really make you realize how silly these fears about food we have are! This will allow you to move past the feelings of food guilt and get on with your life! And that’s the whole goal, right?! So take a second right now and identify who you can go to to chat it out with.

Even with all of these fab tips I do want to be totally honest with you, feeling guilty after eating doesn’t just magically go away. It takes time and consistent effort of implementing these tips to truly have that food guilt stay away. So take these tips and keep at it, gorgeous. Re-training our brains to no view food as good or bad takes time! But that payoff is SO freaking worth it! You got this!

Leave a comment with which food you’re going to start with to really work on to stop feeling guilty after eating! Can’t wait to read them and support you!



stop feeling guilty after eating

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